Why would you want to visit a naturopath?


Naturopaths spend time with you, understanding your needs.

We like to get a thorough understanding of you and your health; looking to find the root cause of your health issue. We will connect random threads of information and look for patterns to use to put together your wholistic treatment plan.


We look at your body as a whole.

Naturopathic philosophy is based on an wholistic health approach of treating you as a whole person – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We know that all body systems have a huge impact on each other. We understand how important it is to look and understand all that is going on in your life.


How does naturopathic medicine work?

Naturopathic medicine supports and promotes the body’s natural healing ability, allowing you to achieve your highest state of wellness. By addressing the causes of disease, providing individualised support and integrating the naturopathic healing principles, improved quality of life and optimal health can be attained.


What tools do naturopaths use?

Botanical medicine.

Herbal or botanical medicine incorporates the healing properties of plants. Herbs are the traditional medicine of times past. In fact many of the drugs that are prescribed today in the medicine  have been made synthetically from substances that were originally discovered in plants.

Today, naturopaths and medical herbalists use complex plant extracts to assist with healing in the body; herbs contain many active constituents and phytonutrients which are found in the leaves, roots, stems, bark and flowers, and these can have amazing benefits to the body – they are healing, soothing and as well treat a wide variety of health concerns.

The advantage of using herb extracts and dried herbs is that I can create individualised formulas that are for specific conditions and totally unique for you.


Wholistic nutrition.

As a naturopath, ‘Food as medicine’ is always included in every wholistic treatment plan; nutrient-rich foods that can assist with healing will be included in your eating plan – or foods that may affect you adversely may also be discussed. Sometime nutritional supplements may be suggested if necessary, to help correct any underlying imbalances. 


Lifestyle approach.

The cornerstone of good health is lifestyle – I will discuss lifestyle factors that are contributing to your health concerns such as stress, habits, physical activity and sleep. I want to guide you in making lifestyle choices that will make a difference to your overall health now and in the future.

 I am more than happy to work alongside doctors or other health professionals to get the best possible result for you.